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Whole Foods Traditional Kugel

            Rosh Hashanah has come and gone. I hope all of my Jewish readers (all < 1 of you) had a great holiday, good eats, and a chance to reflect on the past year. Get ready to confess your sins next week at Yom Kippur (*wink*)!

            As you may have read last week, Whole Foods in Harbor East is offering a Jewish High Holidays menu, including food for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The Rosh Hashanah food is still available until September 14th, so grab some this weekend. And the Yom Kippur menu is on its way!

            Anyway, the food I was most excited to try* was the traditional kugel. Kugel is a dessert noodle casserole. This particular kugel –kugel can be made in several different ways- had cinnamon noodles, custard, raisins, and apple chunks. It was not as heavy as I thought it would be, but not too light either. Noodles? Good. Custard? Good. Cinnamon? Good. Raisins? OK. Apple? Couldn’t really taste it.

            All in all it was a nice dessert. I’d try it again. The only thing I need is a little more sweetness.

*Note: Put “cinnamon” anywhere in a recipe and I am down for it.