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Whole Foods has at home Valentine's Day covered

Whole Foods market
Whole Foods market

Local natural food giant, Whole Foods, is having all the must-haves on sale for a great at home Valentine’s Day meal. From steak and seafood to double dozen roses, Whole Foods is a one-stop shop for a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner at home.

Fondue is a great at home option for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Cabot Creamery Sharp Cheddar cheese is perfect for a cheese fondue and is half off this week at $3.99/lb. Pair that with Pink Lady Apples, which are $1.99/lb. Another great dipper in cheese fondue are pieces of fresh bread, Whole Food’s bakery has a 3-cheese bread loaf on sale, 2 for $7. Is an Italian-style dinner in mind? Opt for Severino’s Heart-Shaped Cheese Raviolis, special for this holiday at $8.99 a package.

If surf and turf is ideal, Whole Foods has it covered with a special “Sweet Heart” steak (boneless ribeye) on sale for $12.99/lb and bay scallops for only $5.99/lb. Other options included are a bone-in rib steak for $9.99/lb, boneless sirloin fillet for $7.99/lb and king crab legs are $9.99/lb. If the inner chef wants something different for their Valentine’s menu, Whole Foods offers fresh Cornish Hens on sale for $4.99/lb.

And true to Valentine’s Day form, a double dozen roses are on sale for only $19.99 and Green & Black organic milk chocolate bars are on sale, 2 for $5.