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WHOIS Space Health Innovation Challenge?

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Space Health Innovation Challenge Event Sponsors

Participants express their appreciation to the organizers and sponsors who put this event together. Although NASA and JSC contractors provided advice and mentors, organizers and funding came largely from the private sector.

Founding Partners




Although most of the participants were local, there was an individual representing a virtual team from Michigan. Mentors and Judges came from the Space and Start-up communities both locally and nationally.

The organizer's goal of starting dialog between NASA small entrepreneurs not now working in the space health was clearly met. Most teams were coders, biologists and medical people with no background in space. Participants came with fresh minds and few preconceived notions. Although many of the early ideas didn't stand up to the practical limitations of harsh space conditions and NASA's aging electronics and software, mentors soon had the teams redirected onto tracks that fit the constraints.