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WHOA There. Horses Teaching Kids From Online Classrooms?





Photo by The Rutgers Equine Science Center

Many horse enthusiasts, including myself, already know that horses make excellent teachers when it comes to learning life lessons. Now, horses are also teaching from online classrooms. That’s right kids; you can learn a lot of fun horse facts online from “Lord Nelson.” your horse teacher! Lord Nelson, by the way is a 37- year old American Quarter Horse.  He is a real-live horse who has earned somewhat of a “celebrity status” at the University.


This interactive online learning tool is compliments Rutgers Equine Science program. He’s been here since 1978 and officially “retired” from his duties as the football mascot in 2000. Before that, he served as a university mounted police horse!


Lord Nelson aims to teach interested kids more about horses and equine science. His fun-filled curriculum includes lessons about:

  • Healthcare and Nutrition
  • Physiology
  • Exercise
  • Horses and the Environment


Kid’s can email Lord Nelson specific questions, review his FAQ section, and participate on his blog “Holy Hoofprints” He also has some interactive fun-filled games in the works!


Be sure to encourage kids of all ages who are interested in learning more about horses to check out Lord Nelson’s site for a private lesson. Now this is a fun way to learn!


Check out Equine Science 4 Kids


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