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Who would stab Nicole Laube to death?

Nicole Laube left behind a family
Nicole Laube left behind a family
Nicole Laube/Photo provided to media for reporting

As of Saturday the search for Nicole Laube's killer continues, but detectives don't have any new clues behind the tragic murder of the pastor's daughter, wife and mother. This news report shares some new details, however, but the details only create more questions than answers. Detectives believe that the woman was not a victim of a random attack. She had been working at the apartment complex where she was murdered for about a month, and was handing out flyers when she was attacked. Police say that she was "singled out," but why?

Laube was reportedly very friendly, and had no known enemies. She was married, and reports do not indicate that she had a troubled marriage. The wife and mother was the daughter of a pastor, and didn't live a high risk lifestyle, as far as reports indicate. There are some other details that could lend a possible theory to what happened. You see, Laube trained in physical strength and bodybuilding competitions in Beaverton, Oregon-- and police have been interviewing people who have been acquainted with her through this competitive hobby. Is it possible that she had made some kind of enemy through this, or even a jealous rival? Who would stand to gain from stabbing Nicole Laube to death?

Hopefully more details come out soon in this case, such as whether or not detectives have cleared or eliminated anyone near the slain woman -- such as any former or current lovers, or her husband. Even neighbors and coworkers could be put under the scope of police scrutiny until some answers are had in this mysterious homicide of a beautiful, friendly family woman.