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Who won the second ‘Big Brother 16’ Head of Household: Final 8 enter the house

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Big Brother 16” premiered over two nights, introducing fans to eight guests one night and the remaining eight houseguests the second night. The first group of eight participated in a Head of Household challenge. Frankie Grande was the first Head of Household winner.

On Thursday, June 26 “Big Brother 16” introduced viewers to the second group of “Big Brother 16” houseguests. These new houseguests went on to participate in a second Head of Household competition. There will be two Heads of Household each week and each HoH will have their own bedroom suite. But by the end of the week only one of the “Big Brother 16” houseguests will be Head of Household.

Viewers were introduced to the newest “Big Brother 16” houseguests and they entered the “Big Brother” house four at a time. In the first group of four were Jocasta Odom, Christine Brecht, Caleb Reynolds and Hayden Voss. The second group of four houseguests to enter the house was Brittany Martinez, Derrick Levasseur, Victoria Rafaeli and Zach Rance.

The second group of eight houseguests went on to participate in the Head of Household challenge called “Over the Coals.” The challenge had the “Big Brother 16” houseguests holding onto a giant spit as it rotated over a barbecue pit. During the challenge the houseguests had barbecue sauce dumped all over them.

The first houseguest to fall off the spit was Victoria, followed by Brittany, Jocasta and Christine. Zach then decided to throw the challenge, as does Derrick. This left Hayden and Caleb to battle it out for the winner of the second Head of Household of the “Big Brother 16 season.”

Hayden Voss, 21, a pedicab driver, held on for dear life, but remarked that Caleb Reynolds, 26, an adventure hunting guide was a beast. Voss was barely holding on and Reynolds was doing “disco moves.” It did not take much longer for Hayden to drop off the spit and Caleb was declared the winner of the “Over the Coals” Head of Household challenge.

Frankie Grande and Caleb Reynolds will each choose two “Big Brother 16” houseguests for eviction. But the Battle of the Block competition could put one of the Heads of Household in jeopardy of being nominated for eviction.