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Who will write for you?

Long has there been interest and fascination with obituaries by boomers and colleagues. It may have started with the little joke ‘I check to make sure I’m not dead’ but in truth there is something to be said for looking at the local obituaries as a kind of barometer of what’s happening in our lives. First we look at the marriage statistics which show a number declining in this institution; next we note the numbers of people wanting to be responsible for themselves totally; we add to that the pictures in obituaries being those taken when we were much younger and finally add our interest in being responsible for the outcome of any interest to the point of our knowledge of how and when to end our own life ( The next natural step is to want our obituary to read as we want, not a total stranger either in a newspaper back room or worse yet a funeral director, neither of whom have ever met us and wouldn’t know us from anyone else.

There is a growing population of people who have written their own obituary and keep it with the documents which govern their last moments of life. What do you think? Is this proactive or pertinacious? Is this part of our designs on looking younger, healthier and yes more appealing to others? All of these questions seem to fall in the bag with writing our own obituary; however may be we just want someone to get it right for once. All of us have at times in our life have had others mistakenly judged an action or saying to be lacking in our character; so is this our way of fixing a perceived wrong?

Frankly it seems that all this does is bring up more questions than answers. Let’s all just write our own obituary put with it whatever picture we want and go on living. Just whatever happens let’s not do anything noteworthy between now and when we die, as we have already written our obituary.

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