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Who will get your vote for San Diego Mayor come Tuesday

Not a citizen of the city of San Diego, I can’t vote for the guy who will profoundly impact my life for the next 4 to 8 years. Isn’t it funny how that works? Of course it didn’t take 4 to 8 years to eliminate one recently elected major of San Diego who was profoundly affecting my life not to mention effecting my life.

Who can write the best autobiography... check Wednesday's paper for the answer...IT'S NICE TO SEE THE SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH IN ACTION
You can't buy it just because you saw it in print...

I suspect that compared to Filner, any old choice will do... I mean think of the millions lost to our business community due to Bob’s desire to influence local politics.

As of Tuesday night, maybe by midnight, we all should know if Obama has any weight influencing San Diego voter regards. I wonder if he has more local clout than does Jerry Sanders?

Ever look at San Diego’s website for the biographical info on the candidates? To an untrained observer, I would say it looks like the candidate wrote this one: but this one looks the way I would think it should look based on where I found it: .

I know that getting ahead in this world is a matter of marketing, but the Alvarez piece reads like a treatment for a film to a Hollywood production company, looking for a bold and dramatic minority player who will inspire our country to greatness! Good writing David!

It just seems like the guy with the most experience and with all of that experience clearly visible to those fellow citizens living within the County of San Diego is the more logical choice for our new Mayor.

In his autobiographical bio on the city’s website, Mr. Alvarez likes to take credit for many things which I believe would have happened with or without his input.

Looking from the same slanted perspective at the Faulconer bio I find that his list of services rendered reads a little more like work which he personally did in order to achieve the effects of an improving economy and a Sanders tenure which led the way to a much better now.

I can’t vote in this San Diego election because I live in the county where fire stations are closing. I get frustrated by this kind of talk and even more frustrated when I hear it said that, “...If elected to the Mayor’s Office, I will do more for our communities...” and then I wonder who’s closing those fire stations where I live?

If I could vote in the San Diego election, I’d probably go with the guy who’s been there done that... a guy like Jerry Sander’s who says if there is a guy to bring San Diego a future of prosperity through integrity and hard work, it is Kevin Faulconer.

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