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Who will bear the burden of your death?

How will your funeral be paid for?
How will your funeral be paid for?
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Many people are petrified to discuss the matter of life insurance. The reality is, it needs to be talked about. Let's face it, there are only a few things guaranteed and one of them is, we are going to die. According to USA Today, "Only 44% of households have an individual life insurance policy and 30% have no individual or employer provided life insurance policy...some 11 million households with children children younger than 18 - viewed as families with the greatest need for coverage - have no life insurance". So, the question at hand is, who will bear the burden of your death?

Time and time again, families can be seen passing the hat, raising money through chicken dinners, borrowing from family members or doing car washes in order to pay for the expenses of the funeral service. Now, this isn't even addressing the income that is now missing from that spouse/parent, because once THEY die, the income dies with them. The family is left to figure out what to do in order to pick up the pieces. Life insurance (which is simply "income protection") relieves the family from the financial bruises that are inevitable upon the death of a loved one. If consumers can pay to insure their cars, they can certainly muster a few extra dollars to make sure that those who would be left behind are not having to struggle.

There are many options to finding affordable life insurance but there is ONE life insurance company (Primerica) that comes highly recommended according to "Consumer Reports Life Insurance Handbook - How to Buy the Right Policy from the Right Company at the Right Price." Primerica specializes in serving middle-income families who are often underserved and overlooked - more than 50% of Americans. Their mission is to help families become properly protected (with pennies of the dollar), debt free and financially independent. They pride themselves on their storefront approach of sitting across a family at their kitchen table to help them with their financial gameplan which starts with life insurance. Life insurance can be a bit tricky. Having a recommendation for/from a trusted source is your best bet. Otherwise, the mission of protecting your family can become confusing.

Bottom line...let's decrease that percentages and get properly protected.