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Who will be the nest Jason Morgan on General Hospital?

Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, Joshua Morrow, Rederick Williams
Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, Joshua Morrow, Rederick Williams

With Robin Scorpio coming back to Port Charles rumors are abounding about who she will bring back with her. Logically the answer is Jason, the job we are all sure that Billy Miller has signed on for.

I said logically, but soap fans are not always logical, they think with their hearts and everyone in soaps loves them for it. Where else can you find fans who are so loyal they would stop watching a soap because they felt their favorite actor was treated unfairly.

Last November Michael Muhney was fired from The Young and the Restless, supposedly for sexual harassment. There was never any proof forthcoming except for the accusations from a young starlet on the show. She may have told the truth but why has no one ever brought charges against Mr Muhney? Why has no proof or explanation been given to the media?

If he did it I can understand the idea of not splashing it all over the media outllets, but he denies it and his mother recently reinforced it, so what is the truth. We probably will never know. Michael Muhney has a very loyal fan base and they will not return to Y&R until Michael does.

We do know that with the loss of both Billy Miller and Michael Muhney Y&R lost 2 million fans. Of course, not everyone left because of them, some dislike Jill Farren Phelps and others left because of the writing. Though they disliked these things about Y&R, it did win Emmy’s for Best Writing and Best Drama Series, so we expect some to return to the #1 soap..

Celebrityddirtylaundry has suggested some fans think Michael Muhney will come to GH as Jason Morgan, others think he will be the undead AJ Quartermaine. Everyone who loves soaps has their own idea about who should be cast in each role and they become hurt and upset when the actor (they think of as the character because of the huge talent involved), should never be replaced. Understandable when said actor makes the part his own.

The truth is actors leave for new opportunities or they get fired and other actors take over the part. Y&R fans are awaiting the arrival of Gina Tognoni taking over the very memorable Michelle Stafford’s, Phyliss Newman. Billy Miller has Steve Burton’s shoes to fill, but he will be able to make Jason his own.very quickly, he is a well deserved Emmy award winning actor and I forsee that GH fans will accept his Jason within a week or two.

Fans will wait for their favorite actor and even their favorite lost soap to return to TV or online, we are not too choosy, for as long as they watch soaps and some will be very vocal about their feelings.

You have to love soap fans they are the most loyal, fun loving, vocal people around and I am proud to be one of them!

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