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Who went home on The Bachelor 2014 Week 4; plus, Week 5 Bachelor spoilers!

The destination was Seoul, South Korea, for Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis and his hopeful bachelorettes. Who got roses and who didn't? Get our full 'Bachelor' Week 4 recap here now.
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Who went home on The Bachelor 2014 this week? If you missed any of the Jan. 27 episode where Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and the 13 remaining ladies vying for his heart headed to Seoul, we've got you covered!

Check out our recap below, but beware our Bachelor spoilers if you've got the episode saved on your DVR for later!

Who Went Home on The Bachelor 2014 Week 4: Any Seoul Mates in South Korea? (Jan. 27)

A few girls, including lawyer Andi and opera-singer Sharleen, entered the rose ceremony with roses they were given on various dates with Bachelor Juan Pablo earlier in the week. These dates included a romantic one-on-one with Sharleen, and two group dates; one had Juan Pablo and some girls back-up dancing for a Korean Pop group, while the other group sang karaoke.

Overall, Andi and Clare seemed to have the most chemistry with JP throughout the Week 4 episode, with Nikki pulling up a close third. Sharleen seemed to finally loosen up a little, and when she and JP kissed during their one-on-one date, it was nowhere near as awkward as their soccer field smooch earlier in Season 18.

Now for the rose ceremony and who went home on The Bachelor this week: Elise, 27, and Lauren S., 26, did not get roses, and were both pretty broken up about it in their exit interviews. Lauren blamed JP's rejection on her earlier attempt to kiss him on a night he had claimed he wasn't kissing anyone out of respect for his daughter. (Ha! That lasted for a few girls, but he totally gave up his convictions when he made out with Clare moments after Lauren ran out crying over the non-kiss.)

Bachelor spoilers for next week's show reveal a few interesting tidbits. On the upcoming The Bachelor 2014 Week 5 (Feb. 3) episode: the group heads to Vietnam to enjoy some rock-climbing and boat rides, and, of course, lots more of Juan Pablo kissing several of the girls despite claiming he doesn't want to move too fast because of his daughter. Later, something must go wrong, though. "It was a horrible night," JP says in the preview, his statement seemingly having to do with Clare, who was also seen crying on camera.

Stay tuned and get the latest Bachelor spoilers 2014 here now to find out who Juan Pablo picks - allegedly, of course!

For more on the women behind the man on the show, or the man himself, visit ABC's Bachelor site.

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