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Who wears short-shorts? Only the manliest of men...

Lightning Bolt classic board shorts in vintage-inspired colorways
Lightning Bolt classic board shorts in vintage-inspired colorways
Photo: Nick Walker

LA could be considered the mecca of fashion risk-takers in the U.S. It seems everyone wants to be discovered and stand out.  How better to express oneself than with fashion - especially in such a narcissistic (this term is used endearingly) community? Luckily, LA is full of both good-looking people and plastic surgery, which make seemingly ridiculously small articles of clothing look sexy, not sleazy, even on the guys.

The phrase “less is more” is a common theme throughout LA’s style scene and this spring’s upcoming swimwear trends are no different. This year, guys throughout LA will start looking to retro- and vintage-inspired short-shorts as a staple in their spring beachwear wardrobe, and only the most confident and manliest of men will be able to pull them off.

Top picks include: Lightning Bolt , Birdwell, and Sundek.

Kara “Kake” Smith, head designer at Lightning Bolt, says that her designs are inspired by modern street style and months of research. Think Hawaii in the 70s; Venice Beach in the 70s aka "Dogtown"; kids who skated pools; surf legends, Rory Russell and Gerry Lopez, circa 1972 – their clothes – messed-up and mismatched but cool and effortlessly stylish. Today's madeover look is presented as a contemporary design with their roots entrenched forever in 70s surf.

So enough of the wild, dizzying, (could we call them sickening?) prints and long, cumbersome baggies on the beach! We urge you to try a clean, classic and understated look like those of the OG (original gangster) vintage-surf style board shorts. Plus, after all of the hard work you'll put in at the gym per your New Year’s resolution, why keep those Ferrari’s in the garage? Show a little skin.


  • evan 5 years ago

    its ok but u have to take the good with the bad. like a nude beach,

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