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Who was the pizza delivery guy at Oscars 2014?

Imagine showing up to work at your usual pizza delivery job, and before you know it, you're walking down the stage at the 2014 Oscars and handing out slices to some of the biggest names in Hollywood all while being on national television.

That's just what happened on March 2 to a delivery guy named Edgar from Big Mama's and Papa's in Los Angeles. Some were questioning whether or not he was an actor and -- surprise! -- he wasn't. It's actually his job. He and his brother own the place.

According to an employee from the pizza place who spoke to ABC News, “Ellen’s talk show has picked up quite a few pizzas from us. They had us make a giant pizza before for one of her shows.” Reportedly, Edgar didn't actually drive to the event; Oscar producers sent an SUV to get him.

TMZ captured the moment when Edgar went back to the business, and he got a big cheer from his fellow coworkers.

During the Oscars, Ellen passed around Pharrell's hat and collected around $600 for the pizza. However, when a paparazzi cameraman told him about the hat going around, Edgar didn't seem to have any idea. Not only that, but he kept quiet about the incident, looked down at his phone, and walked away as a crowd of paparazzi tried to get a picture of him.

Ellen had him on her show on March 3 where she presented him with the $600 tip plus took $400 out of her own pocket for a $1,000 tip. When she asked him who he was most excited to see, he said Julia Roberts as she's the woman of his dreams.

So who chowed down on pizza at the 2014 Oscars? While Brad Pitt handed out plates and napkins, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto's mom, and Julia Roberts were just some of those who got to happily eat.

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