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Who was the Columbia Mall shooter?

Darion Aguilar, the deceased shooter in the Columbia Mall shooting
Darion Aguilar, the deceased shooter in the Columbia Mall shooting
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Just days after the deadly shooting at a mall in Columbia, Maryland, questions remain as to who the assailant was and why did he do it? No one will ever know exactly what went through Darion Aguilar’s mind just before the senseless shooting. Aguilar turned his weapon on himself shortly after opening fire in the mall. Piece by piece the puzzle will need to be assembled to gain a greater grasp on his state of mind. Only then, will authorities truly be able to discern some form of motive.

Speculation on Aguilar’s motives continue as police draw closer to defining any ties between the shooter and the two victims. The victims, Brianna Benlolo, 21, and Tyler Johnson, 25, were employees at Zumiez, a retail store located within the Columbia mall. Zumiez has released a statement on their Facebook page concerning the incident. Aguilar frequented the store as a shopper and was known by employees as a local skateboarder. No confrontations or issues have been reported involving Aguilar, Zumiez, or the victims.

The Washington Post writes, "Police said they are continuing to study a journal that Aguilar kept in which he expressed hatred for certain groups and unhappiness with his life. “Shooter’s handwritten journal offers no insight into whether he knew the victims,” police said in a tweet. In another tweet, they said Aguilar “knew he was having mental health issues.”

A full autopsy report on Aguilar will be available in 60 to 90 days. At that point authorities may have more information as to what state the shooter was in.