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Who wants to teach in LAUSD?

You cannot be creative because everything is scheduled, ordered, prepared, and ready for you—teachers have become instructional robots.

There is no time for art, music, teachable moments or fun in the classroom.

After Kindergarten, in many classes, there is no time to read to the class and no time for discussions.

You cannot comfort a child, even a Kindergartener, without fear of severe reprisals like teacher jails.

Teachers are evaluated solely on test scores.

Teaching to the test and the every increasing amount of tests are the normal pattern in schools today.

Sadly, when the tests are over the students do not remember for the next grade or for life. There has been no time for remediation, review or mastery. There has been insufficient practice and time on all skills.

Teachers in LAUSD and everywhere are no longer educators. Robots surely, maybe soon to be replaced by televised lessons and computerized instruction.

The students’ restrooms at many schools are like the restrooms at nonbrand gas stations.

The food sold and served at the schools is what you might expect to see handed out to third world, starving countries.

The discipline at many middle and high schools is what they make movie plots out of—less than B movies.

The teachers’ instruction at all schools is like one-size-fits all socks with everyone wearing the same size, style, and color.

The administrators at many schools not visiting the classrooms is like the army generals not visiting the front lines during combat.

The faculty and staff development meetings at the schools are like the most boring, worthless class that you had to take in college in order to qualify for your degree.

The Superintendent treats the teachers, students, and schools like the President of Russia treats his neighboring countries and his poorest citizens.

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