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Who uses Twitter?: Profiling the most likely person to tweet.

Angela Simmons, TV personality and daughter of Run DMC's Reverend Run, is the face of the most likely Twitter user.
Angela Simmons, TV personality and daughter of Run DMC's Reverend Run, is the face of the most likely Twitter user.
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Would you like to increase your followers, increase your Klout score, or get re-tweeted more often? As the relatively new Twitter saying goes, "Know thine Tweeter." To know how to increase your power on Twitter, a person must know who is most likely to post a tweet.

So, if the internet were a high school yearbook, who would be chosen "Most Likely to Tweet"? Below are some statistics from Pew Reseach that could help "Yearbook" Twitter users.

  • 54% of users are female
  • 53 % of users have no children
  • 41.5% are under 30 (fastest growing group), while 42.3% are 30-49 years of age
  • 95% of tweeters have a cell phone, but 60% of users prefer to mobile apps
  • 70% of Twitter accounts are outside of the United States, but 61% of tweets are in English
  • Additionally, most users are African-American or Hispanic, have a college degree, and make less than $100,000 per year

According to the reseach, the "Most Likely to Tweet" is a college-educated middle-class minority woman, around 30, with no children, who lives outside the United States in an English-speaking country. Know anyone like exactly like that? If you live in the U.S., you probably don't, but some celebrity Twitter users who closely fit the profile are @AngelaSimmons and @AliciaKeys. They are both young, successful African American women using Twitter. (If you find other examples, please post them in the comments below.)

How can this information help the Twitter user in need of followers or re-tweets? Simple. Twitter is a social network, which is built on social interaction. As people tweet, they are interacting. If a person interacts with them, that interaction is broadcast to the followers of both and increases each user's visibility and likelihood of being followed.

In short, follow and interact with people who are busy on Twitter to raise your "profile".

Additional tip: Most tweets are re-tweeted around 5 PM, so try to tweet something good around 4:30 PM every day.

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