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Who shot Ellerbe?

Yesterday someone shot this beautiful dog in Richmond County, NC
Yesterday someone shot this beautiful dog in Richmond County, NC
James Teal

Yesterday, someone shot Ellerbe, and his family is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who hurt this beautiful dog, according to a posting made by his owner James Teal on Facebook.

Ellerbe was a stray dog who showed up one day a few months ago at Teal's home. Teal says Ellerbe was very frightened and skittish. It took quite a bit of work for Ellerbe to learn to trust the family enough for them to even pet him.

But Ellerbe won their hearts, and as Teal posted:

He's an outdoor dog that kinda showed up at our house one day all scared and skiddish. Now he's "MY DOG"

The dog was shot near the old Ellerbe graveyard in Richmond County, NC. Ellerbe has never shown any signs of aggression, and the family can find no reason for anyone to shoot him. They believe he would have shied away from any stranger that approached him.

Right now Ellerbe is under heavy sedation, but is expected to recover from his injuries. Unfortunately, the family got the bad news that Ellerbe is heartworm positive, so he still faces treatment for that.

But all in all, Ellerbe is one lucky dog to find a family who loves him so much!

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