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Who Serves Who?

Who Serves Who
Who Serves Who
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 39:33-43
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is, “Pekudey,” “The accounts of the Sanctuary”

Today we begin our reading with the Israelites offering the finished Communion Tent to Moses/Moshe.

It has been completed, all of it’s fastenings, furnishings, decor and enclosures. It’s altars, the laver, showbread and utensils.

The Menorah, it’s oil, cups and utensils as well as the Ark of the Testimony.

The incense, anointing oil, illuminating oil, the Tent’s drape, the hangings for the enclosures as well as the tying ropes, stakes and equipment to be used in the Communion Tent Tabernacle’s service.

The packing cloths for sacred use, the sacred vestments for Aaron and his sons to wear in service.

Everything had been done in the manner which GOD had commanded Moshe.

When Moshe saw all the work had been done exactly as GOD had ordered, he blessed all of the workers.

We have been reading about all that GOD had ordered and the fulfillment of that order according to HIS will by the hands of those who were naturally talented as well as those given Divine Wisdom.

Everyone involved put their hands to work and kept their mouths filled with joy, song and praise.

The offerings were too many to be used causing Moshe to stop the people from bringing more for there was already too much to complete GOD’s order.

We have discussed the work of the Israelites in comparison to our work today in the Congregation.

Today we can see the proper outcome being brought forth.

The people presented to Moshe, the finished Tabernacle according to GOD’s commandment.

Moshe seeing all the work has been completed and completed to the exact commandments of GOD, blesses all who put their hands to work.

The scriptures show us again the awesome leadership of Moshe, taking in all that had been done, seeing it was as GOD had commanded, becoming proud of his people, taking time to BLESS THEM for all they had done.

The Israelites worked together as a Nation, as a Chosen People, to fulfill the commandments of GOD for HIS Tabernacle, the place where HE would dwell among HIS people.

Moshe, the leader of GOD’s people, knew GOD would be pleased and was obviously very proud of all they had accomplished.

Upon receiving this blessing, we can imagine the people became greatly satisfied with all the effort with which they had labored to complete GOD’s order.

Now the people had something to galvanize them together, the work of their hands in service to their GOD.

Why does it seem so very difficult to galvanize the people of GOD today?

The answer may lie in the question. Are we truly the people of GOD or are we the people of convenience?

Are we truly willing to work, to inconvenience ourselves, not for what we THINK GOD wants from us, but what HE has commanded of us already?

Can we get out of our own way as well as out of GOD’s way to accomplish what HE has ordered?

Are we so caught up in our “self service” that we’ve lost sight of HIS service?

Again, the answer is in the question.

Who are we to ask anything of our GOD when we haven’t fulfilled HIS request?

Do we serve HIM, or do we believe HE serves us?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

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