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Who says organic gardening is a relatively new fad?

Being a staunch believer in organic gardening and fruit and nut production, this writer has been accused of following the new fad in growing without use of commercial inorganic and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Many people are saying organic growing is just another attempt to be different and will disappear like bell bottom jeans and pet rocks did.

Digging a Victory Garden
Creative Commons photo by Tavis Ford]

Well, if these naysayers would stop and think for a minute they would realize that organic gardening has been around much longer than any other kind of gardening, and was first used in the "Garden of Eden."

As a matter of fact, one only has to go back to the early 20th century when most farming practices were of the organic kind, with many farmers using the animal wastes from their barns to fertilize their crops, and by using the following methods to fight pests.

1. Organic pesticides were made from natural resources that the farmers had at their disposal. Many of these same natural pesticides are used today.

2. Using pests to fight pests was also a common practice. Many farmers knew that by drawing certain pest eating insects to their crops, they could eliminate many of the crop killers. This was done by providing habitat and ideal living conditions for those particular insects. .

3. Intercropping was the simultaneous cultivation of two or more crops in the same field. It works by drawing pests away from the main crop..

4. Crop diversity was used to protect crops from pests, by increasing the types of vegetables, plants, and fruits that are grown. It makes each crop less susceptible to pests, and some of the crops acted as a deterrent to insects that would normally attack the other crops.

5. Crop rotation was used by alternating the species of crops that a farmer grew on his land each year. By doing this it keeps certain pests from building large colonies to decimate a particular type crop. Different crops each year tend to make particular pests seek other fields.

Most of these practices are still in use today by organic farmers, so as you see organic growing is not a new fad, but is the oldest crop production method in the world. Also, please watch the video in this article that covers soil for gardening.

Please join us in the near future when we take an individual look at each of these methods, and how to put them into practice. Until next time, "Lets grow chemical free and live healthy."

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