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Who says liberals are godless?

Modern version of Greek godess
Modern version of Greek godess
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

There are some who claim the liberals are a godless breed. There are others who claim they worship at the altar of mother earth, or attend the church of political correctness. Sometimes they have been known to preach the holiness of diversity, and children’s rights. To really understand someone it helps to understand what it is they worship. For liberals the one god above all others is the god Ploutos.

Ploutos was the Greek god of wealth. Legend has it he was blinded by Zeus which explained why he would distribute wealth indiscriminately to the good and virtuous. Since favor with Ploutos was difficult to attain it could explain naming the furthest planet Pluto. One preacher from a different religion once stated “Ye shall know them by their fruits; Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles”?

So what fruits do they gather so we may know them better? When they sermonize about income disparity and minimum wage or fair share they are talking about their god Ploutos or wealth. They are hoping to be seen as good and virtuous at the same time as amassing great wealth helping the downtrodden. What else could explain a former first lady complaining about poverty while her husband smokes thousand dollar cigars and all their earning go to their tax free foundation? Or Michael Moore who while fighting for the little guy amassed 50 million in net worth.

Where do they gather these fruits of wealth? Do they believe in hard work and the American way? Or do they gather their wealth from those least fortunate among us? Harry Reid was gifted $126,000 from pay day loan companies to stay in power. All democrats accept donations from the Hotel workers union that earn mostly minimum wage. Elizabeth Warren took a minority spot a Harvard with high cheek bones to gather 15 million in net wampum. Joe Biden’s family does well off the poor, James Biden’s company received 1.5 billion to build low income housing in Iraq. Brother Frank’s company is installing solar panels in third world country clubs for 800 million. See Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s fight for social justice while harvesting donations from the poor at the funeral of Michael Brown.

What other explanation can there be for the liberal obsession with the wealth of others. It explains the outrage over Burger King, a company they didn’t build wanting to protect profits in countries they don’t run. (BK Profits) The tax each of these companies is looking to save thru inversion is on profits earned outside our borders. Notice the conversation never gets around to why our corporate taxes at 35% are so much higher than more efficiently run countries. Less taxes means less wealth to grab as it makes its way thru Washington.

You can throw away all the conspiracy theories about turning the country into a socialist paradise. Forget the pundits that claim we are being lead to a NWO or New World Order. Nothing is done unless it honors their god Ploutos and increases their net worth. Liberals might be seen as godless to those that don’t see thru their lofty speeches and moral absolutes. But peek into their sacristy and you will see why they would sacrifice millions for offices that pay thousands. They might even sell you the Bible they used to swear into office with. So who says they are godless? For they are ordained to the church of wealth and nothing else matters.

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