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Who's Waiting on Whom?

Waiting on God?
Waiting on God?
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 37:17 - 38:20
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is, “Vayakhel,” “And he assembled”

Today’s readings begin with construction of the Menorah to light the Tent.

Betzalel has constructed the menorah in it’s prescribed manner as GOD has commanded, from a single casting of pure gold.

The entirety of the Menorah, it’s decor, it’s branches, its lighting cups, the spheres and flowers, all one piece.

It’s wick tongs, ash scoops, everything that was the Menorah, made from a single talent of gold.

Betzalel then constructed the incense altar of acacia wood, covering it’s top, walls, horns. carrying rings and rim with a layer of pure gold.

He also made the poles of acacia wood covered in a layer of pure gold, to carry the incense altar.

Using the techniques of a perfumer, he made the sacred anointing oil and the pure perfume incense, as prescribed by GOD.

Betzalel then began construction of the sacrificial altar. He made it from acacia wood as well, covering this entire structure in a layer of pure copper. All of the altars utensils, pots, scoops, sacrificial basins, flesh pokers and fire pans were made of copper.

He made a screen out of copper mesh and placed it below the altars decorative border, extending downward into the middle of the altar.

Four rings of copper were cast on the copper screen to hold the carrying poles of acacia wood also covered in a layer of copper.

He placed the poles in the rings of the altars corners so it could be carried.

He also constructed the altar as a hollow structure made of boards covered in copper.

From the mirrors of the women who congregated outside the entrance to the Communion Tent, He made the copper washstand and it’s base.

He then made the enclosures for the Communion Tent from poles held in place by copper bases and silver pole hooks, caps and bands.

He then made the enclosures entrance from sky-blue, dark read and crimson wool together with twined linen, just as the other hangings of the enclosure.

It was held with four poles, having four copper bases and silver hooks, caps and bands. All the stakes used for the Tent itself and the surrounding enclosure were made of copper.

These scriptures tell us so much about the construction of all that GOD had prescribed for HIS Communion Tent as well as for the sacrificial service into HIM that HE demands.

Several things stick out to us in these scriptures concerning the reality of how these people lived and what they were truly capable of creating.

They were not the primitive, nomadic, desert living tribal community we have been led to believe, or have seen in pictorials and movies.

Historically speaking, these people were very advanced in their technology, their means of architecture as well as manufacturing.

These people had the means to create such magnificence as the Menorah from a single casting of pure gold with all of the detail and intricacies GOD ordered.

Interestingly enough, GOD asked for nothing these people were unable to create or complete.

This point of view is very different from the ways of the religious community today. We want to wait on GOD, when in fact HE’s waiting on us… to get off our comfortable, complacent backsides and get to work doing what HE commanded us to do when HE walked this Earth.

Spreading the Good News of Messiah is the only thing we have to be concerned with, everything else is inconsequential.

We want our programs and our projects and our activities to keep our people entertained and involved, when in fact, if we were “preaching” the truth of the Bible, they would be involved, involved in doing the same.

How many congregational leaders feel they have to be the “end all, be all” to their parishioners, when in fact, that is not their calling nor their purpose.

Teaching the truth, in all of its uncomfortable, inconvenient and controversial purity is the calling of congregational leaders, pastors, rabbi’s, etc.

The people have a responsibility to take up their place and put their hands to work within the community as well as within their place of worship.

Betzalel was the appointed man of GOD to construct all that HE has prescribed, having been given special wisdom and knowledge by GOD to do so, yet he also enlisted the assistance of everyone who had volunteered and committed to fulfilling GOD’s order.

He did not do all himself, for that would have been impossible. GOD even appointed an assistant for him, as well as having Moshe call upon the people for all who were led from their heart to assist.

When are we as people of faith going to step up and make the necessary sacrifices and commitments to fulfilling the order of GOD to go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come to the truth of Messiah?

Why have we taken up the cause of our own comfort, our own entertainment, our own entitlement within the community of believers?

Who are we to come and be catered to, complaining when it gets uncomfortable or running to the next place to see if we can “fit in” there or get what WE want maybe over there, or maybe this place will have what I”m looking for.

If you’re not focused on finding the truth, then you’re never going to find anything other than what makes you comfortable, for the Truth is Rarely Comfortable.

The Word of GOD is sharper than any two edged sword, it cuts to the bone to expose our sin, our negligence, our selfishness and our idolatry.

How did we ever come to believe this would be comfortable?

It’s also interesting the scriptures say the sacrificial altar was made ‘hollow’ out of boards covered in copper.

When reading this it sticks out to us, this altar for burnt offerings to GOD was supposed to be hollow, empty and portable, it was the temporary place of offering, incomparable to the Complete Offering which was to come, the perfect offering of Messiah for atonement to all the World.

We have the most amazing privilege of living in the days after the Messiah’s sacrifice, yet we take the absolute most, of any other people, in any other time, for granted.

Where is our excitement, our commitment, our dedication to the Truth?

Have we become so complacent with the current beliefs of “our sins are forgiven, we’re done,” that we’ve missed out on the entire purpose of Messiah’s Sacrifice?

If we believe the Messiah has come, and our sin’s are now forgiven, we walk in redemption and have the blessed hope of eternal life, then how can we possibly be complacent?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

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