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Who's to really blame for NYC's Animal Care & Control shelter system?

One of thousands of pit bulls a year that turn up at AC&C of NYC
One of thousands of pit bulls a year that turn up at AC&C of NYC
Courtesy of SRAC


  • interested 6 years ago

    The aspca is to blame. Why? They ran the city shelter for 102 years and left the whole system a big mess

  • Thomas Cole 6 years ago

    As a national advocate for shelter reform I have to say I am astounded at the chaotic situation in NYC. For over a year I have read Nathan Winograd's tirades against the shelter organization leaders and wondered how it could be so screwed up.

    Reedu,I took several hours and followed every link from your articles and have to say this is the worst animal welfare system I have studied. And that includes awful places like Baghdad!

    The most profound idiocy is the AC&C's strange relationship with its local government: it took me considerable reading just to find that this is a private organization, not a government-run shelter!

    If Ms. Banks, the new director, does only one thing this year that should be to get her "shelter" the hell out of bed with the city. The AC&C is not a 'vendor' - it is PRIVATE! The vendor relationship is for logistical purposes only. Good grief, what a mess!

    Julie Banks needs to send Jane and Ed and the mayor away! That's her first challenge...

  • Thomas Cole 5 years ago


    What conflict of interest? You mean the fact that the mayor appoints the directors for a private organization?

    NY's sunshine law (1977) should apply to the ACC if the mayor and city offices (like the Dept of Health) are going to sit in a direct supervisory capacity. That means the ACC's board needs to open its meetings and identify themselves to the public.

    Or, ACC, you need to step away from the gov't and act like a private 501(c)(3) organization.

    Here's an example of the ACC's cowtowing to the city: there was a question posed why the transition from Chameleon to a new software system wasn't progressing. The answer seemed to be that the DOH didn't approve. What the hell is that? Since when does a city dictate to a private org what system to use? Give them their reports but use what you need/want! Contractual? Fight it and then change the next contract terms!

    There were many other problems in what I read that are beyond the scope of 'comments.'

  • Reedu Taha - National Animal Welfare Examiner 5 years ago

    Thomas, thanks for your thoughts and comments. I thought you might find this of interest: The AC&C recently held a board meeting that was open to the public. You can find a recap of the meeting and text from an ardent ACC/Shelter Reform advocate here:

  • Thomas Cole 5 years ago

    Reedu, thank you for this important article. Not only did I already see the report on that meeting - thanks to your article - it energized me to get involved and begin kicking up some dust.

    Ed Sayres and his little puppets in NYC are dirty players. As a trained covert agent I have found it wise never to let my enemy know in advance what I'm up to. Reedu, please feel free to email me at drdoolittle2800 AT gmail DOT com (get it? just omit the spaces!) and I'll send you copies of all that is quietly happening in the background.

    For anyone reading this, please understand that the ASPCA and the Mayor's Alliance For The Continued Destruction of Little Animals are the enemy to all of us who care about saving lives. They care only about $$$$$$$, their jobs, and their careers.

    It is The Olde Guard (like Ed Sayres of the ASPCA) who has built up this lucrative money-making industry which concerns itself so little with actually saving lives. Hang on SRAC - help's on the way!

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