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Who's the daddy? Kirk Frost reveals DNA test results on 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta'

Kirk will find out DNA test results for baby Karter Frost.
Kirk Frost/Instagram

Kirk Frost really knows how to push it on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." After last season's cheating scandal, Kirk says he isn't so sure if baby Karter is his. The kicker though is that he was the cheater, not Rasheeda. In any case, the DNA test results are in according to Mstarz on Monday and they will be revealed on tonight's new episode of the VH1 hit reality TV show.

Last week we saw Kirk swab both his mouth and baby Karter's mouth to catch a DNA sample and send it to a lab. Kirk has maintained that he doesn't know if Karter is his. He says that rappers cheat and since his wife Rasheeda is a rapper, he wouldn't put it past her.

If Kirk wants to make amends with his wife Rasheeda, sneaking a DNA test is not the way to do it. Further, he still is feuding with her mother and this recent stunt is sure to cause more friction with her too. It seems like Kirk Frost is always causing upset in his relationship and it is unclear why Rasheeda keeps on putting up with him.

Kirk maintains that Karter doesn't really look like him. Matter of fact he even went so far as to say that his son looks more like Lil' Scrappy or T.I. The fact that his baby has much lighter skin than he does apparently bothers Kirk.

Now in an interview with Bossip, Kirk tries to explain away his use of a home DNA test kit to make sure he is really the father of baby Karter. He says he doesn't think Rasheeda did anything outside their marriage but he has to be sure. Kirk even recounted the story of his 18-year old son who he didn't even know was his until a few years ago.

All of that sounds good Kirk but the bottom line is that infidelity leads to lost trust. Even for the one doing the cheating, they lose trust in the other individual because they expect retaliation. When the DNA test results do come back to show Kirk is the father, will he feel really stupid?

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