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Who's At Fault In Gaza?

My wife and daughter have recently installed a new app on their iPhones: Red Alert. The app offers "real-time updates" on any missile attacks launched against Israel. During the last week or so, my sleep has been constantly interrupted by the alarms developed initially to help Israeli citizens quickly get to bomb shelters when an attack is imminent. It's sobering to realize how often these attacks have been occurring and the obvious question is: Why?

If you listen to many in the media, the United Nations and some "experts" the State of Israel is simply reaping what it has sowed due to its' oppression of the Palestinian population in Gaza. Gaza has been independent since Israel granted the right to self-govern in 1994. While self-governing, Israel still controlled airspace, territorial waters and borders which they relinquished in 2005 when they left Gaza altogether. Since 2007, the governing force in Gaza has been Hamas.

Hamas is an interesting group of people whose charter tells much about them. Some highlights- in the charter are calls for:

The obliteration of Israel.

Killing of all Jews.


The charter also blames the Jewish people for all wars, all revolutions and says they control the media. The Jews are also accused of being Nazis, while Hamas denies the holocaust ever took place.

This is the group who has basically controlled Gaza for the last seven years. Gaza, by the way borders Israel. An uneasy existence for the State of Israel since they ceded control of a strategic area to the Palestinians (who put Hamas in charge through "democratic" elections) while surrounded by countries hostile to its very existence.

This year, over 170 missiles were launched from Gaza into Israel before the current hostilities erupted. Israel's response was almost none, one air strike on a missile launcher and striking three terrorist bases in April. Strangely, Israel is being accused of aggression since there have been civilian casualties due to the fact that Hamas notoriously hides it's missile launchers in schools and apartment complexes. Hamas loves to use human shields for its weaponry so it can accuse Israel of killing innocents.

When there were calls for a cease-fire, Israel agreed but Hamas declined.

Clearly the aggressor, Hamas accuses Israel of killing innocents while continuing to hide their weapons among those very innocents. While its charter says Israel must be obliterated and all Jews must die, the terror group continues to play victim to the world, and many (to their shame) go along with the sham.

Eighty years ago, a nation blamed all its woes on the Jews and six million died as a result. After the real Nazis were defeated, the world said never again. Israel faces hostile forces intent on its destruction and anti-semitism is popping up in places unheard of like Chicago, Paris, New York and college campuses around the country.

Never again? I wonder.

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