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Who really murdered Cherita Thomas?

Cherita Thomas's case is over 30 years old
Cherita Thomas's case is over 30 years old
Chelsea Hoffman 2014

On February 26, 2014 Michigan's Daily Press shared new details on a case that's been cold for over 30 years: The murder of Cherita Thomas. Cherita vanished from AuSable Township, Mich. on August 3, 1980 after going out for drinks with friends and after attending a baseball game. It's known that she suffered some kind of car trouble, as she was sighted on a high way with a steaming radiator more than once. Later that fateful night, she was sighted getting into a blue pickup truck that was driven by a bearded white male. It was a frantic search in the days, months and numerous years following that night -- but Cherita has never been located.

In 2005 her neighbor's brother-in-law was arrested and charged with her murder, even without a body of evidence. He was also long believed to be the man last seen with her the night she vanished -- the bearded white man driving the blue pickup. However, in 2012 his murder conviction was overturned. He is now protected by the double jeopardy clause in the US Constitution, meaning he can never be charged, tried or convicted in Cherita's murder in the future. That's all good and well, because the latest updates in this cold case reveal that someone else might be of interest to investigators.

A legal opinion released by the court in this case reveals that there is evidence that implicates someone else in the murder of Cherita Thomas. With it being over 30 years since anyone has seen or heard from this woman, it's about time that justice be served. Who is this other entity being considered by detectives? Will this avenue of investigation finally lead to closure for Cherita's loved ones?