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Who really is the late night king of tacos, Taco Bell or Del Taco?

There is a debate that is as old as time, actually it has only been around for a couple years. What makes the best midnight munchies meal, is it Taco Bell or Del Taco? Well, there have been several different opinions like how Del Taco is cheaper, but I believe if you want the most appetizing meal, it would be best to eat at Taco Bell, so here are both sides of this debate.

Let's go racing over to Taco Bell
Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images

Taco Bell tops the Americanized Mexican fast-food sector in our country. However, Del Taco is gaining a similarly small but extremely loyal following, especially in California. They are comparative yet have a few individual differences.

Menu Options: Del Taco has a much broader menu than Taco Bell. The Del Taco menu includes all the typical variations in addition to American food including milkshakes, French fries and a burger. Most items at Taco Bell are variations on the same ingredients and taste essentially the same. At Del Taco there are a multitude of different tastes.

That being said, Taco Bell has some unique specialty items that give it an edge over Del Taco’s less creative offerings. Taco Bell’s Crunch Wrap Supreme is a star on the menu. It is a soft, flour tortilla filled with seasoned beef or chicken.

The Fillings: Taco Bell has incredible nacho cheese sauce in addition to the shredded cheese. Del Taco only has shredded cheese but because it is more finely shredded, it melts better than Taco Bell’s does. Del Taco’s beans are a combination of refried and partially mashed beans, which gives them a more authentic taste than Taco Bell’s bean paste.

The Meat: Del Taco wins for number of choices. Del Taco goes beyond the classic chicken or beef selection and offers crispy shrimp and fried fish as well. The quality of meat is poor at both places, but customers must accept this if they are choosing to dine here. The beef at Del Taco has a slightly different flavor and is a little less greasy.

Value: It’s hard to beat Del Taco’s $59 cent tacos. However, Taco Bell’s “Why Pay More!” value menu is pretty good as well with 10 items priced at 79 cents, 89 cents and 99 cents.

Overall, the two are pretty similar except for their menu options. Either one is a good choice if you are craving some late-night, calorie-ridden yet oh-so-delicious Americanized Mexican munchies.

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