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Who really cares about the poor?

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The negligence of the 3rd world continues. If these abandon citizens of other countries had lost limbs in the US, they would be filing lawsuits with the help of MALDEF/ACLU and would have received far more coverage from the press. The AP, along with other supporters of illegal immigration don’t “care about the poor” until they are made the responsibility of the US taxpayer.


Fremont, Nebraska has decided to embrace the Free Enterprise/Rule of Law system that separates the US from the 3rd world. Requiring proof of citizenship for living will reduce the number of illegal aliens in this area. The citizens of Freemont, Nebraska passed a ballot initiative that require renters to swear they have legal permission to live in the United States and prohibit landlords from renting to anyone without a city permit.


Some updates on other stories:


How many citizens of Arkansas would have lost their “dreams” if in-state tuition had been passed here by “compassionate conservative” Mike Huckabee & the Democrats that ran the State Legislative Session at the time. Think about this when reading about this story in Florida.


2 legal immigrants who abused US immigration asylum status committed a terrorist attack a year ago. That broken legal immigration is still in place.