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Who really benefits from an open relationship

Are you thinking about exercising your option to be in an open relationship?

When it comes to open relationships there are many options. Two people can agree to see other people individually, see other people together, they can leave if they meet someone else or end the open relationship it altogether

Before a person says yes and signs on the dotted line he or she should seriously consider exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Being involved in an open relationship means two people are sort of together, but not really, so it is considered a non committed relationship. With this type of relationship they give each other permission to see other people usually emotionally and physically. As a result of this this mean that he or she can do whatever they want with whomever they want. This must definitely be understood before the agreement is made. Clearly there is nothing written in stone that says this is the way it has to be but usually this is how it ends up.

In making this type of agreement which involves seeing other people both individuals need to be clear about the possibilities. If agreed upon these individuals can see other people individually or they agree to include them in the bedroom together. With an open relationship this means that the option to meet someone a person likes better is there and moving on is also a possibility.

If this is the case, then what? Do you just walkaway from the person you are in the open relationship to be with the other person? If this new relationship doesn't work out is there an option to come back? Or, until a person is sure about the new relationship they think they want is it okay to still be in the open relationship and not tell the new individual they are attempting to start a relationship with? As you see this can get complicated.

When it comes to an open relationship there is definitely reason to take precaution. One reason, this can seem like a good idea that can go really wrong. Exercising an option to see other people freely in the beginning can seem like a great idea but int the end someone usually gets hurt.

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