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Who Owns Your Financial Future?

Financial Future
Financial Future
Financial Future

Looking over the financial markets around the globe, it is easy for a Canadian to
get a little depressed about the financial future. Though Canada’s national
economy is relatively resilient and buoyed by our multitude of natural resources,
it is still hard to simply trust blindly in the future. However, to have a solid back
up plan, you need to have an original plan. Recent surveys show that millions
don’t, begging the question of who owns your financial future if you’re not doing
the planning?

I’ll wait while you answer that.

Not happy with what you came up with? You shouldn’t be! The only person you
can really trust to be in control of your future financial well-being is you, which
means you need to take an active part in your financial planning. It’s not safe to
simply trust in a corporate pension or the government options.

You should know what is going on with your money, even if what is going on is
managed in the day to day by a financial adviser. Don’t let yourself live in the
dark, because it’s a surefire recipe for nasty surprises at all the wrong moments.
The first step in owning your financial future is setting goals. What are your long
range financial goals, and why do those numbers matter? Answering b oth
pieces of that question will help you give your investment and financial
management plan both a goal and a philosophy to help guide purchasing

Once your goals are set and your philosophy is in place, you need to look for
ways to make your financial plan a living thing. If you are comfortable managing
your money on your own, set aside time each week or each month to dedicate
specifically to money management issues. If not, reach out to a financial adviser
you can trust to handle your funds. The key is to make a decision and be
proactive so that you – and not fate – are the ultimate owner of your financial

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