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Who Owns Who in the Automotive Industry?



  • Ash 6 years ago

    Mazda recently SOLD-Floated New Shares ($2 Bil) late last year, Now FORD owns 11% of Mazda not 13.4%.

  • Bhaskar 6 years ago

    VW owns Porsche. Not the other way round

  • tom 5 years ago

    porsche owns about 53% of VW i think your find

  • JB 6 years ago

    What about "Peugeot" biggest car seller in Europe?

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    old article - not up to date - and many wrong statements as of May 30, 2011.

  • Profile picture of J3rrYcid
    J3rrYcid 3 years ago

    Though this article is already 2 years old, I was still quite surprised over some of the car ownerships. The biggest car brands are actually owned by companies that I thought were inferior and there are brands that I have ever even heard before. It would be good to have an updated list that is accurate to 2012.
    Thomas -

  • Profile picture of Kent Clarke
    Kent Clarke 3 years ago

    Some interesting stats. I'm sure they need updating now, I've heard about some new changes that took place recently. Its also very interesting to find out that those "BIG BRANDS" are actually owned by the smaller ones. Its all business I guess. Also car sales are down, consumers tend to be buying more car accessories to help keep and maintain their vehicles. So I guess that those brands that are struggling can look into that direction and see how they can improve.

  • musa 2 years ago

    woow vw is the best

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