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Who murdered Tangie Sims?

Tangie Sims: Cold Case
Denver Post

On October 24, 1996, a mother walking her children to school in Aurora, Colorado came across the body of 25-year-old Tangie Sims. Tangie had multiple stab wounds and may have been raped.

While investigating her murder, police discovered that the young woman hailed from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and had several arrests for prostitution and failure to submit to STD testing, starting in 1991. It's almost positive that her dangerous lifestyle led to her death, as getting into a strangers' car could lead to any number of terrible things.

Tangie was last seen the night before her body was found, getting into a light-colored Cadillac. No one saw the driver, but it may have been the last person to see her. It may even be the person who killed her.

It's sad that so many woman resort to selling themselves for money, drugs, or for their pimps. Surely they had hopes and dreams at one point. Surely they were aware that prostitution was not the only way to make a living. What would have happened if Tangie had taken a different path in life? It's likely she would still be alive today, 18 years later.

As for the person who killed her, we may never know. That person could be dead right now. Or be a regular person, just like everyone else, with a job and home and family. That person could be thinking, "Oh, she was just a hooker. She didn't matter," but that's not true. She has a family who loved her. And she was a person, who didn't deserve for her life to be taken from her. Who knows, maybe she would've turned it all around.

Will the person responsible for Tangie's murder ever be brought to justice?

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