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Who murdered Jazmine Trammell?

Who put Jazmine in this trunk?
Who put Jazmine in this trunk?
Indy Star

The body of 24-year-old Jazmine Trammell was found around 5 pm on March 23. She had been stuffed into a wooden trunk and discarded by a dumpster at the Maison Gardens Apartments. She did not live at the complex, but did have friends there, who are cooperating with police. It is believed that she was killed elsewhere and placed there, but why? Her car was also found at the complex and towed away.

She had last been seen by family members at 9 am that morning, but they were unable to reach her throughout the day. What happened to her in those 8 hours? Obviously, her death is being investigated as a homicide, but her exact cause of death has not yet been released.

Currently, a high priority focus of the investigation is trying to find the owner of the trunk. As you can see in the above photo, it has very intricate carvings and a leather-covered lid. However, there are many replicas of the 4-and-a-half foot box, as it was manufactured by Lane, a very popular furniture company.

No official photos of Jazmine have been released yet, and Facebook pages that appear to be associated with her don't show any updates in the last year and a half. They do, however, show pictures of piles of cash and a woman holding a large amount of money in a selfie. What was her job? Most people don't keep that kind of cash around for photo ops. Did factors in her personal life have anything to do with her murder?

Is the fact that she was found in a familiar place indicative of her being murdered by someone she knows or could it just be a random crime? With evidence being collected and the autopsy being conducted, we will soon know what really happened to Jazmine, and hopefully who is responsible. Someone out there has to know something.