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Who murdered Amanda Brown?

Who killed Amanda?

Firefighters for the Omaha Fire Department, responding to reports of a brush fire Tuesday night, were shocked to stumble across the body of 30-year-old Amanda Brown. It was stated that her injuries were not the result of her coming in contact with the train, but virtually no other information has been released at this point. Circumstances around her death were automatically deemed suspicious and it is now being investigated as a homicide. Identification of the remains was very quick, much more so than if they had to do DNA testing, so it stands to reason that she hadn't been there for long.

Amanda was located near the railroad tracks at 14th and Mason St, a notorious gathering place for area homeless. It would seem this young woman was a part of the group there, as her last listed address was Omaha's Siena/Francis House, where she had stayed occasionally over the last several years. The news of her death was devastating to many of the workers at the house, who had formed bonds with Amanda and become close with her. Clearly, these people have spent much time trying to help this woman, and to have it end so tragically must be very difficult for them.

As of now, there is no information about when she was last seen, or who with, but detectives are searching the area where her body was found, looking for any clues that could lead them to her murderer. Generally, it could be said that Omaha is a fairly safe city, in comparison to other major metropolitan areas like Chicago, Las Vegas, and New York, just as examples. It is pretty uncommon to hear of murders in Omaha, but it does happen. Now, somewhere in Omaha, the person who ended Amanda's life is just out there walking around and it could be anyone.

It's easy to say that Amanda's lifestyle probably led to her untimely demise. At this point, no one knows exactly what happened, but it ended with a young woman's death. Did she have any family? Or friends? Anyone who will fight for her, to make sure that her murderer is caught and brought to justice? Considering her lifestyle, it would be very easy for this case to fall through the cracks, like so many others do. Hopefully, that doesn't happen here. Regardless of what personal things she had going on, Amanda was a person, who didn't deserve to die.

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