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Who made the decision to move 6th grade to middle school?

It is time to return it?

There are some LAUSD elementary schools that have 6th grade.

Elementary schools years are the foundation years for Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Everything academic that is taught in the future including history, sciences, and Geometry is based on the foundation of learning during the elementary years.

LAUSD has a severe dropout problem.

LAUSD students in middle schools and high schools lacking the foundation skills are years behind in Reading and Math. Give them another them another year of elementary school.

Sixth graders in middle schools and ninth graders in high school have to mature a little faster as they are on the same campuses with older children. Why not give them another year at elementary school?

Return middle schools to junior highs with grades 7, 8, and 9, while making high schools three year schools.

As the District enrollment decreases; as the need to compete with the rest of the world, particularly in Math and Science, increases; as the number of students not speaking English rises; and as the demand for specialized workers in today’s world skyrockets, give the students of LAUSD the opportunity to have seven years of elementary school.

After the district accomplishes this, they can restore middle and high school labs with vocational activities such as metal, woodworking, auto, and others. Many students who might not be so successful at academics might realize their future and be motivated to succeed.

Kids need another year to be kids before they enter secondary schools. Elementary teachers are better trained and better prepared to remediate skills that are not mastered.

A principal of mine used to say, “Bring the students up to grade level and introduce them to the grade level skills.”

Today they must learn the grade levels skills whether they have mastered or even understood the skills of the previous grades; even if they don’t have the Math foundation skills or they are not reading on grade level they must learn the skills of the current grade.

How frustrated they must feel!

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