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Who'll you be today? Be an international woman of mystery with Charlotte Tilbury

Who'll you be today? Be an international woman of mystery with Charlotte Tilbury
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

When traveling, it's fun to build upon your personal look! I love August/September, when the big, yummy fashion magazines come out. I make it a whole evening event, curled up in bed with the glossy stacks. If you do anything like that the same, you've no doubt heard the exciting buzz for Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics and skincare. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Before we get into the exquisite products, know that they've created 10 signature looks for the collection . . . one or more is bound to be your personal style and one or more should be your style! Most of the time, I'm Uptown Girl in my coloring and the way I like to present myself when I'm out and about in the day. I also lean towards Dolce Vita and probably Vintage Vamp. Uptown Girl is a terrific color palette for traveling -- you won't peg yourself as "regional" as you might with bright or Goth colors.

The Luxury Palette color coded eyeshadows for the Uptown Girl look have 3 shimmer shades and a glossy glitter color. Depending on your job -- or for the palette, should I say, depending on your station in life -- this may be an evening look for you. The colors themselves are rich neutrals with this season's hot-hot-hot gold accents. There's a mirror, but no brushes in the palette.

I have seen many, many swirl to blend colors cheek products, but many are composed of improbable combinations. I think those ones never blend well or just look muddy on the skin. You have multiple tones on your skin . . . but not that many. Cheek to Chic is marvelous, with two closely aligned colors and different textures. You'll know where to highlight; after all, this is not your first time at the rodeo!

The Classic Eyepowder pencil in Audrey is a brownish-black -- deep and dark, without being harsh. It applies really smoothly without skipping or clotting. You'll be able to make a kitten swoop easily. I'd say the color is perfect for day, evening or even television cameras if you don't want to wear a flat-out black-black liner.

Let's talk about the lip products all at once, because that's how I use them and I suggest you do, too. Lip Cheat lip liner pencil in Pink Venus will work with many natural lip colors, unless your lips are deeper brown or mauve. It's soft, so you're not digging through less than perfect lip borders, but it's not mushy and melty. K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick is made with an antioxidant from the native to America Lipstick Tree. The color Bitch Perfect is that pink-peach blush that's been so popular in accessories -- including the Duchess of Cambridge's shoes. It's a neutral that's not dead, pale but not chalky. Lip Luster in Sweet Stiletto is a complimentary lip gloss, very shiny and enhanced with Lotus Flower. The color is long-lasting; they not that it will hold 6 hours without transfer. It definitely gives you a polished finish, without looking like you tried too hard. I would say that this gloss is age appropriate for all ages.