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Who killed Bianca Jimenez?

Bianca Jimenez was murdered...
Bianca Jimenez; Courtesy photo provided to media

The slain body of a woman found in San Antonio last week has officially been identified as Bianca Jimenez. This Wednesday police report shares that Jimenez was a victim of homicidal violence, but not many other details are being released. Jimenez had been missing since July 18th, after being involved in what is being described as a "violent confrontation" involving her ex-boyfriend and another man.

When Jimenez's body was discovered, it was reportedly decomposed -- which indicates that she had been dead for an extended period of time. If she's been dead the entire time she was missing, then it's only common sense that investigators look in the direction of those who were last known to be around the woman the night she vanished. Have either her ex-boyfriend or the other man been cleared or declared persons of interest in this case? As recently as just over a week ago there had been no arrests in her disappearance. Now that it's confirmed that she was murdered, will arrests follow? It was also just over a week ago that reports claimed police wouldn't administer polygraph tests to any persons of interest until after a body is found. So that's at least a little bit of something to look forward to in this ongoing case. Since Bianca's body has been recovered, it's only a matter of time before police make the right people talk.

Hopefully the loved ones of this slain woman can manage to heal, but closure is never fully attainable when it comes to losing a loved one to violence. The only way that any semblance of closure can be had for Bianca Jimenez's family is for a suspect or suspects to be prosecuted and brought to justice.

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