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Who killed April Millsap?

April Millsap was beaten and strangled, but who did it?
April Millsap was beaten and strangled, but who did it?
Photo provided to media/Millsap

There are new developments in the April Millsap case, but it's hard to tell if the slain teen will get justice yet or not. This late Monday night morning report reveals that at least one new search warrant has been executed in this case, but the contents of the warrant are sealed from the public. Could the details be directly related to the murder of the 14-year-old Armada girl? If so, that would explain why investigators are playing the details close to their collective chests.

This news report was published just a handful of days ago, claiming that the teen's cellphone records may hold clues behind what happened to her -- and who did it. It's easy to speculate that these sealed warrants in the latest developments may be connected to this. This case remains a mystery even after nearly an entire month has passed. A 14-year-old girl was brutally beaten and strangled to death and left in a drainage ditch to be discovered like so many other victims. So many cases come to mind with this murder, including the bizarre slaying of Skylar Neese -- who was murdered by two of her own friends. Statistically speaking, victims of homicide are usually victimized by people they are acquainted with or otherwise know in some fashion. That's especially so with female victims of homicide. On the other hand, random killings also do occur, and that's something to consider in this unsolved case.

Hopefully the latest developments lead investigators in the right direction. The loved ones of the slain teen need closure, and she needs justice. Whoever is getting away with killing her can't evade justice for long -- and it's only a matter of time before a vital clue leads detectives right where they need to be.