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Who is the mystery piano prodigy delighting Costco shoppers? (Video)

A video going viral on YouTube shows a young boy, wearing a jaunty fedora, delighting shoppers in what looks like a Costco toy department, by playing a baby grand piano with the skill of an adult virtuoso.

Who is this mystery piano prodigy?
Kerry Kay @YouTube

Who is he?

An article on, published on Feb. 26, links to the video, which has over 100,000 hits, but has yet to help to unravel the mystery behind the identity of the boy, who's barely tall enough to reach the piano's pedals as his fingers trip expertly across the keyboard, performing what sounds like classical renditions of Hungarian folk tunes.

With thousands of likes and tens of thousands of views, one would expect that someone who knows the boy would have come forward in the comments. But, so far, that hasn't happened.

The comments do express the same feeling of wonder at the boy's piano playing ability, as the shoppers who happen upon him express at the end of the clip, which fades to black, just as the boy twirls and gives an impromptu bow to his admiring audience.

One comment on the video dubbed the piano prodigy "Lil'berace", which seems to be a fitting nickname, given the mystery boy's confident swagger and his choice of a rakishly angled, black fedora hat with white trim.

And, it's not even known if the store is a Costco or not, as it displays the same nondescript look as any big box retail chain outlet.

Some who have commented wondered why a perfectly tuned, baby grand piano was placed in the middle of a toy department, in any store.

Are baby grand pianos on sale at Costco?

If not, after this performance, maybe they should be.

Click the video to have a look at this inspiring moment caught unexpectedly on an iPhone. It's definitely a day maker.

What do you think? Do you know who "Lil'berace" really is?

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