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Who is the millennial generation?

Who is the millennial generation?
Who is the millennial generation?
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The first generation of the 21st century is the Millennial Generation. Born after 1998 this generation is still developing a personality. As a generation is being shaped there is a struggle for the name by which they’ll be referred.

The term millennial generation originally referred to what is now called generation Y, the parents of the millennial generation. Those encouraging the generation Z moniker say they are simply following an alphabetic progression started with Generation X and generation Y. Critics of the term say it is insulting because three Z’s normally indicate sleepiness so proponents of this term are calling it a generation that is lazy.

Early indicators point to this as being one of the most optimistic generations to ever live. Many believe this is a generation that will address social and ecological issues much differently than their predecessors. Obviously it is too early to determine if this is correct but, if true, it would certainly dispel any legitimacy attributed to calling them generation Z.

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