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Who is telling the truth?

The truth is getting muddled and lost as time goes by. The truth about God's Word is being altered to satisfy one's lifestyle; it gets lost as history is rewritten to satisfy one's political or religious leaning; and now the truth is getting lost to legitimize its political standing. We have conservative views, liberal views, religious views, and non-religious views. We have lying being used to be the truth and truth to be lies. Everybody is lying about somebody and you can't say anything about anybody without being politically incorrect.

We as a society believe everything we hear and read, truth or lies, we believe it. And, we as a society get all emotional over nothing. We are so quick to judge, come to conclusions, that would affect us for the rest of our lives. Who do we believe? Or, better yet, who should we believe? The answer is so simple, but people don't do simple anymore. And they don't do extra work anymore.

The solution to our dilemma should follow this pattern: believe the truth, and study. Study is a word that becomes a foreign word after people graduate from school. They associate the word study to work, and if studying is work then they want no part of it. After all, working is what we do to bring in income; after they go home that is the last thing they want to do. Working around the house is more like a relaxing therapy as opposed to work. But yet study, or studying, needs to be a part of everyday living. Why? Well, it is simple really.

When you buy a car, you want to get the best bang for your buck. You research all other brands and styles that would meet your criteria. Once you settle on the car you want, then you make the purchase. It is the same for buying appliances, houses, and other major purchase. It is the same for your spiritual and political views. You must research each one to find out which one is being truthful. Along the lines of spiritual needs, the truth must line up with God's Word. Anything that contradicts God's Word, is not truth. You must be mindful to take God's Word as a whole and in context. With your political and social views, they, too, must line up with God's Word as a whole and in context. Why? Our lives, whether spiritual or not, revolves around God's truth in our lives. You cannot separate them.

The reason that this country, and the world, is in the mess it's in, is because people refuse to have their lives centered around God's Truth. People refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and action, thus, they suffer the consequences. They drag down the world and their families whether they mean to or not. They suffer big time. The only other mistake we make about not knowing the truth, is the fact that we don't think what will happen in advance. Inactivity brings your life to a standstill. You suffer, your family suffers, and the world suffers. Study, a word that needs to be a part of our everyday life if we expect to be successful in all things. Study, a word that needs to be instilled and infused into our everyday life if we are expecting to receive God's blessing.

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