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Who is really doing the bashing?

Mr. Colbert King is wrong. The Washington Post editorial board is wrong.

Once again The Washington Post is attacking D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray.

Since when did it become “bashing the media” to point out flaws in newspaper editorials and to challenge reporters?

The notion journalists and columnists are intellectual royalty to be above question is absurd and dangerous thinking.

Members of the media hold on to a paradigm if someone is critical of them, then they must be doing something right. That is a half-baked idea used as a shield against accusations of favoritism, bias, inaccurate reporting, blacklisting, and even plagiarism.

The fact Ms. Katharine Weymouth, publisher of The Washington Post got rid it’s ombudsman as a fact checker and to respond to reader complaints is an indicator The Washington Post does not have a commitment to professional responsibility and ethical accountability to telling a story truthfully, fairly, honestly, and completely.

Mr. King uses his roots as a “Washingtonian” to buttress his belief and commitment to the District of Columbia.

However, Ms. Weymouth and Mr. King are not the only Washingtonians who care about the District. They are not the only ones to believe in challenging those who do wrong. Most assuredly, they do not have the lock on honesty, fairness, character, decency, and integrity.

The difference here is Mr. King, Ms. Weymouth, and editorial writer Ms. Jo-Ann Armao rush to judge others, while they refuse to accept or receive criticism.

Some who are critical of Mr. King, Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao are not attempting to attack them as messengers, but rather boldly stand to challenge their message.

The Washington Post has a District political agenda which is larger than the defeat of Mayor Gray in the District mayoral primary on April 1. Ms. Nikita Stewart’s Washington Post Magazine article glorifying U.S. Attorney for D.C. Ronald C. Machen, Jr. and his assistant Mr. Vincent H. Cohen Jr. as "Corruption Busters" masks over the true aim of The Washington Post.

The Washington Post's goal is not only to take down Mayor Gray and District Democrats. Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao want to reassert the dominance of The Washington Post over District public policy for its own corporate purposes. Mr. Gray's Democratic primary opponents should not be so delusional to believe those editorials and headlines of Mayor's Gray's political death.

The Washington Post will stop at nothing and will by any means necessary use any person or office to misrepresent the District political leadership, particularly the District Democratic Party leadership.

It is easy for The Washington Post to use or misuse its editorial and opinion pages to throw rhetorical stones to bash Mayor Gray and to tarnish all D.C. Democrats.

The editorial board of The Washington Post needs to show courage and a commitment to principles other than the personal destruction of others and desire for corporate financial gain and open its pages to readers with different views.

There are corrupt politicians. There are also corrupt and reckless journalists. There are also corrupt and conniving federal prosecutors.

No Mr. King, it is not the “handlers” of Mayor Gray who are bashing; it is The Washington Post.

Mr. King, if you don't get it, you don't get it.

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