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Who is Never Shout Never?


Never Shout Never, The Yippee EP.

Many people may not have heard of Never Shout Never. However, that will slowly be changing. Through Myspace and live performances, Never Shout Never has gained a phenomenal fan base, which will only continue to grow.

So, who is Never Shout Never?

Never Shout Never is the alter ego for the talented 18 year old, Christofer Drew Ingle, who hails from a little town in Missouri, called Joplin.

Style: Never Shout Never could fall under a few genres that include acoustic, pop, indie, and easy listening. The acoustic guitar and the ukulele are two recurring instruments he uses.

History: Never Shout Never took advantage of Myspace and Ingle was able to establish himself in a matter of two years. With over 76 million plays, Never Shout Never was able to score a major record deal. Currently, he has released a few EP’s and a debut album will be out soon.

Why you should see him: The genius behind it all is only 18. His honest song lyrics, simple melodies, and vocals make Never Shout Never something not to miss. Guaranteed you will be singing along after only few listens. The mellow style may not be for everyone, but Never Shout Never is worth checking out.

Songs: Some of Never Shout Never’s standout tracks include, "On the Brightside," "Trouble," and "Bigcitydreams."

Toured with: Never Shout Never has been fortunate enough to play with: Hellogoodbye, The Scene Aesthetic, Forever the Sickest Kids, and The Honorary Title.

When & Where: Never Shout Never will be performing October 20, 2009 at the Crocodile Rock Café. Other acts Meg & Dia, Now Now Every Children, and Carter Hulesy will also be performing.

Check out Never Shout Never’s Myspace and more ticket information is available at Crocodile Rock Café. Also, check out his website.

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  • NeverShoutGabe 5 years ago

    Hey just got the new EP today and i pre ordered the Never Shout Never album and it came with a signed lithograph! I'm so stoked! Check out the YouTube video and watch the trailer for the album.

  • andrew 4 years ago

    never shout is awsome he is really talented and plays amazing muisic