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Who is Murphy and why does he call all the shots?

If it were not for bad luck... We have all heard that saying and at times firmly believed it described their life to a T. As I sit here typing this article and  the clickety clackety of the keys under my fingertips rattles and the incessant ache in my temple throbs, I cannot help but think that right now somewhere someone named Murphy is saying "Don't blame me!". On one of my few days of free time to write I managed to get quite sick but that isn't going to stop me from writing to my heart's content.

For a few years now I have wrestled with the very notion of fate. I have tried to believe that everything happens for a reason but sometimes it is much easier to just curse my misfortune. From homeless shelters to illness, being a single mom and fighting tooth and nail just to scrape together something that resembles an income I have struggled to survive this economical snafu. I do not know how or why I have survived but I count my lucky stars that I did.

Even before we leave the comfort, warmth, safety and squishy confines of the womb we are all destined to learn the very definition of mortality. Life and living are two completely different concepts but death doesn't seem to care about that detail. It barged right in, uninvited, unannounced, unwelcome into the party of our lives and sits to stay for a spell. It rummages through the leftovers, gets mud on the carpet and puts it's feet up on the coffee table as if it owns the place.

It is not that we must fear the inevitable but ignore it's looming stares. We cannot fight against this nor can we pray every night that our lustful dreams for Twilight hunks to steal us into eternity will come true. When we live in fear of that fateful day we are to die we fail to live the life we have while we have it.

I could sit here and write pages and pages about my illness and the severity of my case and how afraid I am but instead I am going to say something far more simple. I am not afraid. Every day I wake up, I eat something and sit down to the cheerful messages of my friends whose lives are full of happiness and wonderful announcements. I giggle as I see pictures of their children with their newly bought pumpkins with their smiles all aglow and their eyes so starkly with hope and love. I can't help but love life, no matter how much we do or do not have. Every moment alive is another chance to make lasting memories so why would I ever want to waste this gift?

When I feel lost and afraid I sit back and look at all the great things that I have accomplished over the past few years. I have a beautiful daughter whom my heart will always belong to, I have friends who love me and I have my writing that will keep my memory alive for always. I have helped so many with spiritual concerns, bringing them clarity and comfort when they were unsure which way to turn. Every chance I get to help others is what makes my life worth living.

For better or for worse life continues it's cycle from spring to summer and then fall to winter. I do not want to live a cold life, closed off from the beauty of sunlight and starshine. I realize my luck, to some, may seem quite bad but a great deal of effort can influence so much more than meets the eye. I am so blessed to be able to touch the lives of those I cherish, and I am quite lucky to be able to write what is in my heart. Every day that I get to rise from my bed to begin again I do the very best that I can to make good of all my opportunities.

We do not always see the pain coming and when it arrives we don't seem to ever have enough time to prepare for the journey it will take us on. no matter what life throws your way, never lose sight of the real forward direction you must strive for always. Do not let misfortune destroy you for you do not want to die before your death. When you remain positive, despite all else against you, you begin to become aware of the beauty of love.

Chances are tomorrow I will wake again and come to write more articles for my readers full of hope and help in finding the way to happiness and chances are good that tomorrow I'll still be me, I'll still be sick and I'll still be scared. I can guarantee you tomorrow will be another day for life to bring me beautiful hope and the will  to make even the smallest of victories worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox.