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Who is more jealous of internet friends, he or she?

" as sorrowing but ever rejoicing, as poor but making many rich, as having nothing and yet possessing all things" 2 Corinthians 6:10 "as the one listening to me, he will reside in security and be undisturbed from dread of calamity" Proverbs 1:33

VENICE, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 05: (EDITORS NOTE: This image was processed using digital filters.) An alternative view of actor Louis Garrel as he attends the 'Jealousy' Premiere during the 70th Venice International Film Festival on September 5, 2013 in Venice
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If one is abandoned, god will not abandon. "For Lord will not forsake his people, Nor will he leave his own inheritance" Psalms 94:14 The abandonment feelings in those jealous of their partner making friends on electronic media may be a mystery to many. Why should friendship at a distance provoke jealousy?

In a March 2014 article titled, "“Creeping” or just information seeking? Gender differences in partner monitoring in response to jealousy on Facebook", appearing in the Journal "Personal Relationships", authors Amy Muise, Emily Christofides and Serge Desmarais reported that: as opposed to men who feel jealous, women who feel jealous (and may be anxiously attached) spend more time checking the male partner's actions on the Facebook.

Here the feeling of jealousy and abandonment seems to be a motive for possessive, domineering, controlling, selfish, or overprotective actions. The feelings inside one partner would compel and control both of their conducts.

What could be the factors for these seemingly dreadful or alarming feelings and conducts? A marriage covenant that began with sense of trust and security would change, all because one partner befriends others on the internet. Befriending others by one partner would be erroneously interpreted by the worried partner as a sign of abandonment.

Since there is no real abandonment per se, the partner must be interpreting befriending others based on his or her own past experience; for example, when as a child his mother departed, leaving him to be by himself at home then, now at the sign of his lover making friends on the internet, he becomes jealous, angry and saddened. Or when as a child, she was subjected to trauma- affecting her sense of, or belief in, the secure world, and while distracting and interfering with her childhood relationships; now as an adult she becomes insecure and worried that his friendships on the internet would be interfering, distracting or taking from the relationship attachment. In his unaware mind, would he be missing his "mother" figure to that masculine electronic media . In her unaware mind, would she be losing her savior- father figure in the electronic internet world.

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