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Who is Michael Dunn and what did he do?

Is Michael Dunn guilty of killing Jordan Davis?
Is Michael Dunn guilty of killing Jordan Davis?
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Nothing is going to bring your child back to life once your child is murdered. You, as a parent, have to live with the “what if’s”. What if I didn’t let him/her go out? What if I had of been more protective? The questions may keep coming to the parents of Jordan Davis who lost his life to the hands of a man named Michael Dunn.

Ron Davis and Lucia McBath have faithfully been in court proceedings, marches and memorials ever since their son Jordan Davis left this earth. As in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin murder trial, the questions remain. Is it all about “Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law”? Is it a racial issue (when Dunn wrote a letter he called Davis and three other teenage boys, “Black Thugs”)? George Zimmerman got away with murder, nonetheless, will history repeat itself?

Here is ‘the skinny’ on the Michael Dunn/Jordan Davis case (read the whole story Here):

A red SUV with four teens drives into a Jacksonville Florida’s convenience store/gas station on the south side of town as loud music blared from their vehicle. This happened on Black Friday of 2012. 17-year-old Jordan Davis was in the back seat of the Dodge Durango when another car, occupied by Michael Dunn parked next to them in the GATE parking lot. Dunn asked the boys to turn down their music. Jordan refused and was also belligerent.

Dunn and his girlfriend had come from his son’s wedding reception and implied that the music was irritating him. When Jordan started mouthing off, Dunn grabs his gun, fires four rounds from the car, gets out and fires more shots into the SUV. One of the bullets kills Jordan Davis. After Dunn fatally wounds Jordan, Dunn gets back in his auto, leaves the scene, goes to a motel (with his girlfriend in the car) heads off to his motel room in St. Augustine and orders a pizza. Dunn said that he saw a weapon from someone in the SUV, yet there was no weapon found in the vicinity. Dunn did not report the incident to authorities until much later. Michael Dunn was later taken into custody.

Jordan Davis has a mother who lived in New Jersey and his father resides here in Florida. Both parents are estranged, yet the death of their son has united them together to seek justice.

Dunn is a software developer, has two grown children and a girlfriend who was on the scene when the shootings occurred.

Whatever the outcome of this trial, both sides will lose or have already lost.

The trial started Thursday, February 6, 2014. Stay tuned for day 1 of the “State of Florida vs Michael Dunn”.

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