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Who Is Marques Robinson

Marques Robinson

Emerging from the Lone Star State, as do such talented artists as Beyoncé and Meatloaf, 19-year-old musician Marques Robinson is ready to make his mark. “My interest in music truly started with my dad showing me the band Queen; from there, I always had to be listening to music. But it wasn't until I stumbled upon Led Zeppelin that I felt the want to write my own.”

Marques brings us a new, insightful taste of modern rock. He is creating an innovative tone that has set the pace for a younger generation. With a worldwide, diverse audience, Marques is extremely eager when it comes to his craft. He plays the French horn, trumpet, violin, and guitar impeccably, and he writes, produces, and records all of his own creations.

Not only is he a resourceful solo artist with a perceptive interest in physics and chemistry, he is a skilled athlete—a proficient tennis player to be exact. “I had this great coach. Everything he taught me has followed me through every challenge in my life, especially music. I don’t think I could produce this album all by myself if I hadn’t met my coach and gone through that.”

Marques’s talented guitar playing is rooted in classic rock, but also encompasses elements of world music. Zeppelin was the catalyst for his diverse musical interests. His multifaceted creativity has provided a framework for almost any kind of music Marques might care to explore playing.

“Marques introduces fans to gritty electric rock sounds on the track ʻRolling Mountainsʼ and ʻMy Songʼ reminiscent of 70s funk with jazzy drums and furious guitar shreds. Other tracks such as ʻKathryn's Lullabyʼ and ʻTime Capsuleʼ demonstrate a slower, emotional feel, with dramatic piano chords and deep, lingering phrases,” states Glitter and Stilettos Editor in Chief.

“Remains of us” is an easy title track to any movie or prime time drama series, while the bluesy tones and powerful horn chorus in his hit “Ruins” is another classic in the making.

“I just had the pleasure of listening to music by The Marques Robinson Project. In this project, Marques is the music writer, performer of all parts, the producer, and, well, you get the picture. Everything is done to perfection, and I would say he has mastered wearing all the hats.” ~ Walter Hargrave, Owner at Indie Music Bus.

“Texas is a hotbed of insanely good bands and musicians,” states Henry Rollins; there's no doubt that when you hear The Marques Robinson Project, you will have to agree.

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