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Who is John Galt? Post a Post-it on every post and post office

Objectivists, libertarians, right wing conservatives, those three holdout liberal civil rights champions and all Ayn Rand fans know that Round Three of the 3-part Atlas Shrugged movie is scheduled to arrive in theaters September 12.

Free for Shruggers: get your pad of Who is John Galt? Post-it notes, 25 notes per pad, 6 pads per bundle. These give a legitimate meaning to Stickem up!
Atlas Shrugged The Movie/Facebook

The people behind Atlas Shrugged Part 3 (otherwise known as ASP3) came up with a couple of fiendishly clever ways to drum up interest in the flick.

The LA Times reports that, for better and maybe for worse, Ron Paul, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity will make cameo appearances on the big screen.

Another scheme is designed to get everyone involved in promoting the film in advance of its showing and even win some free stuff in the process.

They call it the "ASP3 Post-It Challenge" that takes the concept of spray painting "Who is John Galt" on walls and fences and buildings and stray cats, competing in some corners with graffiti tagging and gang signs, and sanitizes it for civilized use that doesn't appear to violate the non-aggression principle.

Just go to Galt's Gulch Store and order up a pack of 150 "Who is John Galt?" Post-it notes for the unbeatable price of $0.00. Then stick 'em up everywhere, take photos and send them in.

(Note to intellectual property rights debaters: The Politically/Commercially Correct ASP3, not wanting to be sued, always displays the legally registered name for the little pre-printed sticky notes followed by the circle R branding iron mark: Post-it®. Since Examiner is also a commercial site let's just stipulate that the symbol is there whether it can be seen or not and move on.)

The goal is to get AR enthusiasts to plaster the country with one million of these pesky little yellow Galt notes.

To spur the nation's Shruggers into action the publicists have declared, "While we're at it, one lucky post-it graffiti artist is going to win big. Post-it, picture it, share it, and you might just find yourself at the ASP3 World Premiere."

As an example, Atlas Shrugged Part III Associate Producer Scott DeSapio stuck up a Post-it while standing in line at a TSA checkpoint.

So far the June 12 winner has been awarded Two tickets to the ASP3 premiere and the June 26 prize-taker scored an "Atlas Shrugged Now Non-Fiction t-shirt and hat."

The contest rules are posted online (pfd). And, yes, as inconceivable as it may seem to many liberals and conservatives the non-aggression principle actually does allow rules in a libertarian society – they're just voluntary.

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