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Who is Jesus: is this his chart?

Adoration of the Magi from the Catacombs of Rome
Adoration of the Magi from the Catacombs of Rome

Jesus was born on March 1, 7 BCE at 1:21 AM in Bethlehem, Judea. This according to astrologer Moby Dick, also known as the late Reverend Don Jacobs.

According to Jacobs' website, the date was chosen using mainframe computer programs after decades of historical, biblical and astrological research.

According to Jacobs webpage, "The "Wise Men" who followed the Star were Magi -- Persian astrologers. The apostle Matthew recounts the tale of the Magi in his gospel account of the nativity of Jesus. In it he presents one of the main reasons we know this birth to be that of "the chosen one" The wisest, most respected scholars on the planet came and told us so. They journeyed to Bethlehem to anoint Him and validate his identity, his future in the world. The Magi were not merely the first gentiles to recognize or accept Jesus. They -- in their professional capacity -- certified that He was The Christ."

"The Magi Matthew describes in chapter 2 of his Gospel were well known for ages as the world's foremost astrologers and are considered "walking universities" by modern historians. The key to unlocking the identity of the Star of Bethlehem, and Jesus birthday, lies in understanding that the Magi came to Jerusalem and Bethlehem inspired by astrological indicators.

No merely astroNOMICAL phenomena would have motivated them to make their journey; nor was any supernatural manifestation necessary."

"Two thousand years ago the heavenly alignments were of such monumental implication as to compel the wisest astrologers of those times to embark on perhaps the most significant journey in the history of the world. The rarest of all celestial phenomena was unfolding in the heavens, a once in 25,000 years meeting of the two zodiacal cycles - the Tropical and Sidereal. It was an astrological encounter between the Alpha and Omega - the beginning and the end of the longest recognized astrological cycle. It was the dawning of the new age of Pisces and the beginning of a whole new grand cycle of ages, " according to Jacobs.

Many charts have purported to be those of Christ have been published, and I can make no claim or guarantee this is the actual chart of Christ, and I am not a Biblical scholar. This chart (shown below) shows the horoscope of Jesus calculated astrologically, historically and Biblically, according to Jacobs.
But this chart rings true and fits an image in many respects of the individual who is known as Jesus, so we can go from here.

This chart has a preponderance of Water signs (7), with two planets in Earth signs and one in Air. Off the bat we can see this is the chart of a sensitive, soft spoken individual with a somewhat passive, yet practical bent, with mystical tendencies, prone to sacrificing for others. This many water planets shows high sensitivity, an elevation of feelings, and emotions and heart being the driving force in life along with love, as well as a vulnerability to others.
Pisces is rising in this chart at 8 degrees along with the Sun. The planetary rulers of Pisces are Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is known as the 'greater fortune, 'and the planet of gain and expansion and rules religion, high ideas and a sense of purpose. Its pathways are learning, travel, philosophy and inspiration and higher purpose. Jupiter lies in the twelfth house close to the ascendant.

Neptune is the planet of religion, psychic visions and psychics, pre-cognition, compassion, spirituality, baptism, forgiveness, sacrifice and martyrdom, along with many other qualities, situations and things.
Neptune lies at 5 degrees Scorpio in the ninth house of worldview and higher learning, and is trine 5 planets and the ascendant in Pisces. This would create a strong, positive and idealistic view of the world that would hold great compassion for mankind. With the strong Pluto opposition to all His Pisces planets and sextile to Neptune in His 8th house he had great healing power, the ability to transform the world around Him and, according to some Christians, the ability to heal the original sin.

Six planets lie in the sign of compassion close to the ascendant: Uranus at 2 degrees Pisces, Saturn at 11 degrees, Jupiter at two degrees, Venus 17 degrees, the Sun 8 degrees, and the Moon lies on the ascendant at six degrees Pisces.

Certainly this many planets in Pisces would lend themselves to compassion, love and understanding. He would also have an attunement to the infinite. (twelfth house)
Jupiter in Pisces is in one of the signs of its rulership making the planet ruling justice, charity and faith very powerful.

The twelfth house is where we build our strength to overcome limitations, sorrows and fears. It represents Karma, limitation, confinement, orison, sacrifice and betrayal, nuns and priests, secret enemies, charity, ultimate understanding and sacrifice.

Mercury is how we communicate and lies at 18 degrees of Aquarius in the twelfth house of secret enemies. Mercury in Aquarius individuals are able to read the collective mind, and what is happening in the outer world, and the pulse of all others. Their thinking often challenges the status quo and is progressive. Aquarius is the agent of change and the sign of the people or the collective, and it would be Jesus' thinking and communication to the masses that would change the world.

Mercury is square Neptune at 8 degrees of Scorpio. This can be construed as a very psychic transit and these individuals often have the ability to tune into others thoughts and intentions. Others may try and deceive with this transit. Dreams and psychic images could occur.

With the Pisces rising chart, Sagittarius is on the midheaven and this would have made Him the martyr (a Piscean trait) and the spiritual leader bringing in truth to the planet

Mars lies at 21 degrees of Virgo along with Pluto in the seventh house of 'open enemies, and partners. Mars rules our action and if Mars in Virgo is anything it is practical. Jesus was a practical man, and taught values that were practical. Rather than focusing on esoteric ideologies, Jesus taught kindness toward others, and practical values such as feeding the poor and assisting the downtrodden. Mars in Virgo likes to be productive and doesn't mind work as long as it serves a purpose. These individuals have a desire to serve and can excel at things that require precision. Jesus was a carpenter.

But, Mars and Pluto in the seventh house show enemies as well, and these powerful planets oppose his stellium of planets in Pisces in the first house. Pluto applying an opposition to His natal Sun would explain the possibility of early death through the hands of Herod's soldiers when he ordered that all the male children under two years of age be killed, and ultimately his death at the hands of his (known) enemies.

Pluto falls at eight degrees of Virgo. Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of work, health and service to others. Older astrologers used to refer to this house as the house of servants, and Jesus life was dedicated to service to others and the ultimate sacrifice of his life to serve mankind. Pluto in Virgo individuals are good at organizing things and improvement. Their inner drive is often to be of some type of service to mankind in a practical way.

Pluto opposes six planets and the ascendant in Pisces, and this opposition shows he would have great struggles with others, with significant enemies along the way, along with his Mars opposition from the seventh house to Venus. The combination of Mars and Pluto can indicate violence. Not only did Jesus live in a violent time, his ultimate end was violent at the hands of his known enemies. (seventh house Mars-Pluto)

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