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Who is Goldroom? An exclusive interview will tell you everything


Where is the Gold Room? More like who is GoldRoom. Josh Legg is a multi talented musician that is reinventing an already classic sound. His original songs and remixes will subconsciously get you shaking your body in an uncontrollable manner. Lately, Goldroom has been traveling all around the world performing sold out DJ sets and just recently he touched down in the states. Tomorrow night is a big show for Josh because he will be playing with a live band at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Life is what you make it and so far Josh has made it all gold. Get a better idea of the man, the myth, the legend, known as Goldroom in an exclusive interview.

What music were you listening to as a kid in the mean streets of Boston?

I grew up listening to a lot of jazz and classical music, which was what my parents listened to. The first music that was really 'mine' was probably Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, and a lot of early 90's grunge. I went through a significant hiphop phase, and really started to fall in love with songwriting in my teens when I fell in love with a lot of classic music from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Do you remember the first band or artist you saw live?

I saw Aerosmith play at the Boston Garden with my dad when I was about 9.

You are now touring the world doing what you love. What does it feel like to see different countries appreciating your music?

It's very inspiring. I take that energy with me back home every time. I really get blown away every time I meet new fans that are so physically removed from me, and knowing that I can reach out there that far is something that inspires every new thing I create. Its amazing.

What has been your favorite stop while on tour?

I love playing in exotic places, but I love the Dominican Republic especially. They've brought me down for a couple of beachside festivals, which is pretty much my dream gig. The people are beautiful and the weather is perfect.

I saw a picture of you playing a guitar. Do you incorporate live instruments into your sets?

I play DJ sets myself, but I've also put together a full 4 piece band to do live Goldroom sets. They're both different experiences but each a part of the whole. I love doing both!

Give brief insight into The Goldroom Live Experience and what can we expect from you LA coming up?

Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and loads of synth. We completely rebuilt the live set for this run of shows and I can't wait to share it everyone. We've brought on Chela to sing with us which is incredible. It's going to be a blast.

When I listen to EMBRACE, I imagine driving along Pacific Coast Highway into the sunset. What did you picture when creating this project?

You hit it right on the nail there. Nostalgia for being young and innocent is something that drives a lot of my music, and I think Embrace definitely fits into that realm. I'm really just trying to create music for people that feel like I do, that need some sort of escape.

I notice you collaborated with a few different vocalists for EMBRACE. How did you link with Say Lou Lou, Mereki and Chela for features?

My management is from Australia, and a bunch of those girls are really talented Aussies. They were able to link me up, and I immediately was a fan of all of them. Its been great to work with them writing songs, and its opened up a lot of doors to get to write with other people as well.

You have created some pretty rad remixes from other artists original songs. What intrigues you about the REMIX?

It gives me the chance to work with somebody else's song. I get to dive in and figure out what makes the song good. I always try and learn from the artists I'm remixing, and so the entire process is like an exercise in becoming a better songwriter. I love doing it because I know it will make me better prepared to write my next song.

What are you currently working on now?

Finishing an album!

What direction are you hoping to take your next project?

I'm really just hoping to improve as a songwriter. I want to write songs that can stand the test of time, and could work in any genre.

It seems like 2014 is the year of the festivals. Which festival are you most pumped to play and why?

I've been wanting to play HARD here in LA for years. Getting the chance to play a big DJ set for so many of my friends and neighbors is really exciting.

If I were to look on your iPod, what kind of music would I find?

EVERYTHING! I tend to listen to more band styled and acoustic music than I do dance music, although of course I'm always digging for cool new stuff to play and share. On the whole though, I think you'll find a lot more old music than new stuff.

Where is the Goldroom?

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