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Who is in control of your life the state or you?

An article in the Birmingham News reveals a new ordinance that would fine residents for parking on the street in front of their homes.  The article is very short with a few comments from citizens given for good measure.  One opinion is that the "$50.00 fine isn't enough, it should be raised to $200.00".  Another person states that "This is an infringement on my constitutional right to own land."  Where is the middle ground?  How much do are we obligated to "render to Caesar"?

When looking at all the laws and ordinances now controlling the lives of individuals in this nation, it's shocking to discover that almost every area of our lives is under the control of the government on some level.  Is this what you really want or do you still see yourself as a free and sovereign human being?  Most seem to have forgotten all about the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  In order to feel safe right after right has been given over for more laws.  Laws are words on paper, having little if any real power to control the actions of others.  Of course you can fine, arrest and jail those who don't obey the laws, but no law can prevent a person from an action.

Why do humans go along with all these measures outside themselves that place ridiculous controls over their personal choices?  The answer is simple.  When you don't feel connected to LOVE you look outside yourself for safety.  Here you double the feeling of feeling unsafe because inwardly you know that nothing outside of you can make you safe to start with, so another law is passed, more rights are relinquished and on the cycle continues. 

Start something new.  Know yourself as a free being.  You are Spiritual Energy.  There is no master outside of yourself that empowers you or takes away your power.  You must give away your personal power of choice or muster up the courage to take it fully and live as a free Being of Light. Who do you want controlling you, State or Highest Self?  As always the choice is yours.


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